Zie de Zenne / Senne en scènes

During the Summer of 2007, at the initiative of Het beschrijf, five writers living and working in Belgium each explored a specific location along the river-bed of the Senne.

From its source at Soignies (novelist Yves Petry) to its confluence with the Dijle near the city of Malines (novelist Xavier Deutsch), running through Tubize (poet Paul Bogaert), Brussels (poet and novelist Xavier Queipo), and Vilvoorde (playwright Layla Nabulsi).
The authors each wrote a literary column based on their experiences on the spot, and later assembled condensed versions of their texts to make a poem in the shape of a “cadavre exquis”.

This material was then used by Walter Verdin to create this five-part video, which was exhibited at the International House of Literatures Passa Porta in Brussels, Belgium, from 23 September till 14 October 2007.

The project was initiated by the literary organisations Het beschrijf and Entrez Lire, at the occasion of the opening of the cultural season 07-08 at Passa Porta, International House of Literature.

This is part one, the Senne at Soignies, with a text by Flemish novelist Yves Petry.

Zennescènes-Senne en scènes 1 Yves Petry - Soignies

This is part two, the Senne at Tubize, with a text by Flemish poet Paul Bogaert.

Zennescènes-Senne en scènes 2 Paul Bogaert - Tubize

This is part three, the Senne in Brussels, with a text by Galician writer Xavier Queipo.

Zennescènes-Senne en scènes 3 Xavier Queipo - Brussel/Bruxelles

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